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Two player joystick console

Player01 Drops First Collection

We all need “Joy”

The Player01 “Joy” collection features our unique and iconic cartoon-style joystick. Whether you’re an OG gamer, a custom PC-rig degen, or prefer yourself some touchscreen, everyone recognizes a joystick. And it is the universal symbol of gaming.

Now everyone can show off their gamer side. Player01 offers a huge range of sizes, shapes, colors, and product types to fit you just right. You can level up your wardrobe, your head, your phone, and soon your decor.


We’re all worried about the planet. The question is, what are you doing about it? At Player01 we work to source products that are made in sustainable ways, and we go one step further by not producing anything that isn’t already purchased. Your item is literally made as soon as you pay, which means there are no leftovers and no waste!

Your Quest

The challenge, should you accept, is to gain XP by buying your next “Joy” shirt, cap, beanie, or phone case. Or, get them all and go boss-mode on us.

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