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about We're changing what it means to be an independent game publisher.
There is a huge void in game publishing, and Player 01 meets that need...
Discovery. Community. Growth. We're harnessing the power of 'together' to see every studio grow, accelerate and thrive.
After the creative and the coding, you need discovery and a focus on your business. To grow each of us needs to build out our brand, have a marketing plan, track the marketing, engage with users, make monetization decisions, test our hypotheses and so much more.
Player 01 has built a platform of tools and services that serve your game business growth needs. It's part community, part cloud-based tools, part marketing, part education and completely independent. We promise to leave your IP rights alone.
the platform Democratizing the tools to grow your company.
Stop scouring the web for answers! Player 01 brings the knowledge and tools you need into one potent dashboard...
Come join the 100% rebuilt, from the ground up, portal. It's built by game devs, for game devs, so we can deliver what game players demand.
  • transparent data TRANSPARENCY
    Everything is visible and manageable from one combined portal. No guesswork, no off limits...everyone is a VIP.
  • scientific tools SCIENTIFIC TOOLS
    From pre-launch packages, to analytics to monetization - if it helps your game business then we've got it here.
  • discovery and marketing DISCOVERY & MARKETING
    Getting your games into players' hands shouldn't be a secret, but it does take some awesomesauce. Launch with us.
  • ip protection IP PROTECTION
    Your Intellectual Property, and how you deliver it, is what makes you special. Player 01 never has you sign it over!
showcase Just a Few of Our Members' Games.
Over 500 game titles, from dozens of countries, including many chart toppers...
Player 01 members come in all shapes and sizes. But one unifying factor is that we publish our games under our own brand - that, to us, is INDIE...
SpellCraft School of Magic
SpellCraft School of Magic
by Appy Entertainment
Flow Free
Flow Free
by Big Duck Games
Asteroids 2012
Asteroids 2012 3D
by M-SpaceMedia
Infinity Control
Infinity Control
by Renegade Citizen
Hit Tennis 3
Hit Tennis 3
by Focused Apps
Peakour HD
by Gotta Pea
stats Everyone Always Wants to Know the Num6ers.
Get the benefits. Join Player 01....
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    Sign up today to empower your game business and start seeing real benefits.
  • Member Studio Game Titles Member Game Titles
    Nothing but amazing, creative and fun games from all over the world. What could be better?
  • Member Game Installs Monthly Member Game Downloads
    Player 01 member game titles are downloaded more than 5 million times per month!
news Player 01 (formerly Selfpubd) Is In The Mix.
James Nouch
"Selfpubd stamps out 'perpetual conflict' between Indie devs and publishers, says founder Rosic. Support without 'signing over the farm'."
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Dean Takahashi
"Selfpubd is announcing today a strategic partnership with mobile ad network Taptica, ..give[s] developers working with Selfpubd the equivalent of $2,500..."
read more
Silicon Florist
Rick Turoczy
"..in a world where..large corporations can afford to spend millions to promote [apps], independent [game] developers are left doing anything they can to be seen."
read more
NBC News - KGW
Joe Smith
"Selfpubd on NBC News. Founder Andy Rosic speaks on the app economy, and brings 3 other app companies to highlight the Portland, OR app/game scene."
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Corey Cummings
"The Washington-based Selfpubd is building a community where indie game developers can get both the creative freedom and fair revenue they need..."
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Dant Rambo
"Indie doesn't have to mean independent; Is Selfpubd's gaming co-op the future of small dev marketing?"

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Team Player 01

Player 01 is proudly based in the Pacific Northwest.
In the home of open source software and shared ideas we find inspiration, solid leaders and mentors to turn to as we forge a new frontier in gaming.